Proteins, Cells & Materials

Edited by H. Sheardown & S.L. Cooper
November 2003
ISBN: 90-6764-381-5
510 pages, Illustrated, 6 1/2" x 9 3/4"
$219.00 Hardcover

Proteins, Cells and Materials contains a collection of articles, which constitute together the complete Festschrift in honor of the 65th birthday of Dr. John L. Brash. For the first time these articles - published previously in several special issues of the Journal of Biomaterials Science Polymer Edition - have been compiled into one comprehensive volume. Over the past 40 years John Brash, a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Biomaterials Science Polymer Edition, has distinguished himself in the field of biomaterials. Much of his efforts have focused on detailed studies of blood--surface interactions, particularly those of plasma proteins. His multi-faceted approach recognises the importance of hemodynamics, transport and surface phenomena in the gross effects that result from blood--surface contact. In this book articles on the most recent development in these areas are collected and will thus provide a wealth of information of current research to specialists in the above-mentioned fields.

CONTENTS: Foreword Introduction H. Sheardown Letter L. Vroman PROTEINS PEO-like plasma polymerized tetraglyme surface interactions with leukocytes and proteins: in vitro and in vivo studies M. Shen, L. Martinson, M. S. Wagner, D. G. Castner, B. D. Ratner and T. A. Horbett Limits of detection for time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS): detection of low amounts of adsorbed protein M. S. Wagner, S. L. McArthur, M. Shen, T. A. Horbett and D. G. Castner Photoimmobilization of biomolecules within a 3-dimensional hydrogel matrix X. Cao and M. S. Shoichet Fibrinogen adsorption by PS latex particles coated with various amounts of a PEO/PPO/PEO triblock copolymer M. Bohner, T. A. Ring, N. Rapoport and K. D. Caldwell Effects of base material, plasma proteins and FGF2 on endothelial cell adhesion and growth P. A. Underwood, J. M. Whitelock, P. A. Bean and J. G. Steele Acoustics of blood plasma on solid surfaces M. Andersson, A. Sellborn, C. Fant, C. Gretzer and H. Elwing Development of small alginate microcapsules for recombinant gene product delivery to the rodent brain C. J. D. Ross and P. L. Chang CELLS Integrin on rat myeloma cells modulates interaction of integrin with vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 but not fibronectin B. M. C. Chan, V. L. Morris, D. Hangan-Steinman, B. Jarvie, M. Cialacu, J. Laansoo, G. Hunter, W. Wan and S. Uniyal Interactions of corneal epithelial cells and surfaces modified with cell adhesion peptide combinations L. Aucoin, C. M. Griffith, G. Pleizier, Y. Deslandes and H. Sheardown Polyelectrolyte multilayer films modulate cytoskeletal organization in chondrosarcoma cells D. Vautier, V. Karsten, C. Egles, J. Chluba, P. Schaaf, J.-C. Voegel and J. Ogier Improved blood compatibility and decreased VSMC proliferation of surface-modified metal grafted with sulfonated PEG or heparin H. J. Lee, J.-K. Hong, H. C. Goo, W. K. Lee, K. D. Park, S. H. Kim, Y. M. Yoo and Y. H. Kim Characterization of poly(ethylene oxide) brushes on glass surfaces and adhesion of Staphylococcus epidermidis H.J. Kaper, H.J. Busscher and W. Norde Tissue-culture surfaces with mixtures of aminated and fluorinated functional groups. Part 2. Growth and function of transgenic rat insulinoma cells ( G I/17) J.R. Bain and A.S. Hoffman MATERIALS Elastomeric biodegradable polyurethane blends for soft tissue applications J. D. Fromstein and K. A. Woodhouse Influence of surface morphology and chemistry on the enzyme catalyzed biodegradation of polycarbonate-urethanes Y. W. Tang, R. S. Labow, I. Revenko and J. P. Santerre Cardiopulmonary bypass technology transfer: musings of a cardiac surgeon F. D. Rubens Surface analysis methods for characterizing polymeric biomaterials K. Merrett, R. M. Cornelius, W. G. McClung, L. D. Unsworth and H. Sheardown Glucose binding to molecularly imprinted polymers Hasoo Seong , H.-B. Lee and K. Park The effect of oxidation on the enzyme-catalyzed hydrolytic biodegradation of poly(urethane)s R. S. Labow, Yiwen Tang, C. B. McCloskey and J. P. Santerre Novel dendrimer based polyurethanes for PEO incorporation X. Duan, C. M. Griffith, M. A. Dubé and H. Sheardown Identification of biodegradation products formed by L-phenylalanine based segmented polyurethaneureas S. L. Elliott, J. D. Fromstein, J. P. Santerre and K. A. Woodhouse Bioresorbable polymeric stents: current status and future promise R.C. Eberhart, S.-H. Su, K. Truong Nguyen, M. Zilberman, L. Tang, K.D. Nelson and P. Frenkel Tissue-culture surfaces with mixtures of aminated and fluorinated functional groups. Part 2. Synthesis and characterization J.R. Bain and A.S. Hoffman Deterioration of polyamino acid-coated alginate microcapsules in vivo J. M. van Raamsdonk, R. M. Cornelius, J. L. Brash and P. L. Chang Water structure around enkephalin near a GeO2 surface: a molecular dynamics study A. M. Bujnowski and W. G. Pitt Towards practical soft X-ray spectromicroscopy of biomaterials A. P. Hitchcock, C. Morin, Y. M. Heng, R. M. Cornelius and J. L. Brash A new vascular polyester prosthesis impregnated with cross-linked dextran D. Machy, P. Carteron and J. Jozefonvicz

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