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Protestantism Crossing the Seas
A short-title catalogue of English books printed before 1801
illustrating the spread of Protestant thought and the exchange
of ideas between the English-speaking countries and the Netherlands…

Compiled by Michel L.H.M. Le Cat
Edited by Willem Heijting with Sanda van Daalen
December 2000
HES & De Graaf Publishers BV
ISBN: 9061944082
327 Pages
$175.00 Cloth

This collection of 5,600 English-language titles is held by the University Library of the Vrije Universitet, and represents one of the largest such collections of its kind. It is especially strong in the area of Protestantism in Great Britain and Holland and in the exchange of ideas between these two countries.

Religious history; bibliography
Bibliotheca Humanistica & Reformatorica Vol. LIV