Public Relations
Strategies for Growth, Development & New Perspectives

By Priya Agarwal
May 2011
Global India Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789380228884
312 pages
$45.00 Paper Original

Research in organizational dynamics and organizational decision making from a political perspective is most advantagious in understanding the necessity for a mixed-metaphor model of organizational public relations, a model that includes a variety of approaches from which the practitioner can select given the particular demands of the situation.

As corporations increasingly dominate the public discourse we experience daily, it becomes increasingly important to understand how that discourse operates, and to become more informed creators and consumers of institutional rhetoric. This book examines the theoretical bases and practical effects of a variety of public relations campaigns. While the various contributors employ a broad range of rhetorical methods and analysis, the discussions remain approachable and understandable for students and professional alike.

This book is about understanding organizations, expecially the role by organizational decision making in the development and implementation of public relations programs and activities. The book also presents a practice management model for applicatin in both corporate and counselor settings; develops this model to elaborate the role of the PR unit; and meets the development-related informational needs of both organizational and counselor practitioners in terms of human resource management , fiscal services and insurance.

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