Pure Selection
The ethics of preimplantation genetic diagnosis
& choosing children without abortion

By Christian Munthe
June 1999
Goteborg University
ISBN: 91-7346-362-0
310 pages, 6 x 9 "
$63.00 hardcover

Contents include: The rise of PGD versus prenatal diagnosis. Ethics. Pure selection. The rise of PGD in Sweden-the genetic turn of IVF, ethical criticism, local & national discussion of ethics, power-play & tactics in the government, why PGD for IVF-patients only, the Embryo Research Act. Arguments for pure selection-avoiding abortion in genetic counseling, improving IVF, paving the way for better treatment. Moral status of early embryos-utilitarianism and the destruction of embryos, the official Catholic position, the relevance of pure selection of the embryo debate. IVF-related objections-the value of additional children, against nature; information, autonomy & well being. Risk objections-risks to resulting children, risks to women, pure selection & informed consent. Pure selection in society-the selective supermarket, scenarios of discrimination. Regulating pure selection-research, clinical application, routine health care. Glossary. References, Index.

Medical ethics; genetics
Acta Philosophica Gothoburgensia No. 6

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