Putting the Sparkle in
the Knowledge Society
7th International Conference on
Current Research Information Systems

Edited By Annemarie Nase & Geert Van Grootel
September 2004
Leuven University Press
ISBN: 9058673839
216 pages, 6 " x 9 "
$62.50 Paper Original

Contents include: Usage and Benefits of CRIS for two extremes: the Political Decision-Maker and the Research Manager, Research Output Publications and CRIS, A Corporate Data Repository for CCLRC Using CERIF, Refining the Semantics of Open Access, Don't Tease the Reader: Techniques for Making Social Science CRIS More Useful to Research Users, The New Technologies: Can CRISs Benefit?, Usability Analysis for CRIS: Some Examples and Practical Guidelines, Experience in Creating an Electronic Publications Archive at a National Scientific Laboratory, CRISs, Thesauri and the Semantic Web, Towards the Integration of Digital Library Applications via Web Services for Use in a Scientific Workspace, Global Cooperation for Global Access: the Million Book Project, The Need for a Standardized Current Research Information System (CRIS): A "Call to Arms", Research and Development in the Field of Grey Literature, Governance of Research - the Role of Evaluative Information, How to get Input to Research Information Systems, How to use a CERIF based CRIS to measure Research Output from your Department, How CERIF-based CRIS can help to identify the factors that contribute to the creation of value by R&D, OAI - the Publishing Revolution?, CRIS: user needs and practices, Harvesting versus Distributed Database for CRIS, Intuitive Annotation of Documents in an n-Dimensional Thematic Space for Scientific and Technological Watch, KM_LINE: A CRIS Portal on the Semantic Web, Research Information System in SAP at K.U. Leuven, Research question decomposition: a way to organize research output, OAI Compatibility: Interoperability at Low Cost, Collaboration in Digital Libraries - Building Subject Gateways with DBClear, METIS: the Pivotal Role of a CRIS in Scientific Information Supply - a Dutch Case, HunCRIS - The Hungarian Registry of Research and Development Projects, An Analysis and Comparison of Citation Data between Journals of General and Internal Medicine and Surgery, Innovation portal for Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Library Science; Information Systems

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