Qusta Ibn Luqa on Numbness
A Book on Numbness, its Kinds, Causes &
Treatment according to the opinion of Galen
& Hippocrates [In English & Arabic]

Edited by Lena Ambjörn
September 2000
Lund University / Almqvist & Wiksell International
ISBN: 91-22-01879-4
178 pages
$54.50 Paper Original


This work is a contribution to the history of medicine in general and to the history of Islamic medicine in particular. The objective of the study is to present a text-critical edition of the book On Numbness (Kitab fi Sifat al-Hadar), an Arabic medical treatise attributed to the ninth century physician Qusta Ibn Luqa. The scientific paradigm is that of Galenism


History; Medicine
Studia Orientalia Lundensia Nova Series Volume 1

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