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Quantization, Gauge Theory & Strings (Two Volume Set)
Proceedings of the International Conference
Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Efim Fradkin

Edited by A. Semikhatov, M. Vasiliev, & V. Zaikin
December 2001
Scientific World / Lebedev Physical Institute
ISBN: 5-89176-125-4 (set)
1180 pages total, illustrated[cover]
$223.50 hardcover two-volume set

This set contains over 100 papers given at the International Conference dedicated to the memory of Professor Efim Fradkin in Moscow, June 2000. Main sections: Introductory talks. Strings, Branes and M-theory. Noncommutative Geometry. Brane Compactification. Conformal Field Theory and AdS/CFT Correspondence. Higher Spin Theories. Integrable Systems. Quantum Mechanics. Quantum Field Theory. Gauge Theory. QFT with Background Fields. Quantum Gravity and Cosmology. QCD and High Energy Interactions. Appendix. Author Index.

Theoretical Physics