Recent Topics in Mathematical
& Computational Linguistics
Papers in Honor of Solomon Marcus
on the Occasion of his 75th Birthday

Edited By Carlos Martin-Vide & Gheorghe Paun
August 2000
Editura Academiei Romane
ISBN: 973-27-0770-4
352 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$125.00 Hardcover

Contents include: Oracles for Binary Words, Sticker Systems: An Application to Relative Clauses and Multiple Subject/Object Generation in Catalan, Bidimensional Contextual Grammars, New Syntactical Invariants for Tree Languages, Quantum Correlations Conundrum: An Automata-Theoretic Approach, Bounded Semilinear Languages and PC Grammar Systems, On a Formal Description of the Molecular Processes, On Slender Context-Free Languages, External Contextual and Conditional Languages, Bounded Deterministic Push-Down Automata, On Testing Generalized Stream X-Machines, External Multi-Bracketed Contextual Grammars, Array Contextual Grammars, Special Factors of Traces, Pregroups: A New Algebraic Approach to Sentence Structure, On Context-Free Duplications, Characterizing the Class of Deterministic Context-Free Languages by Semi-Right-Terminating Uniquely Parsable Grammars, Restarting Automata, Deleting and Marcus Grammars, Confluent Internal Contextual Languages, Marcus Topologies and Applications to Granular Semantics over Mereological Granules of Knowledge, Synthesis Grammars, Remarks on the Semantics of Focus, Investigation of an Ecological System by Using an Abstract Rewriting System on Multisets, Unification Grammars in Natural Language Processing, Large Tagsets and High Accuracy in Statistical Morpho-Syntactic Disambiguation of Written Texts.


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