Repression in Latin America
A Report of the Russell Tribunal Session in Rome, 1974

Edited By William Jerman
ISBN: 0-85124-140-9
163 p.
$32.50 Cloth

Latin America is continent of prisons and political policemen. Famous for the ruthlessness of its dictatorships and the greed of the international companies which exploit its economies, the native oligarchies of the subcontinent have combined with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency to reduce democracy to the most beleagured remnants, and to impose flagrantly unrepresentative and oppressive forms of government over wide areas. In addition to old style personal despotisms such as those of paraguay, the Secret Police of Brazil and their torture squads have established efficient and modern regimes of arbitrary viciousness which have spread out through Bolivia and Uruguay to Chile. Other Countries are threatened.


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