Representation of Business
in English Literature

Edited by Arthur Pollard
December 2000
Spokesman Books, UK
ISBN: 0-255-36491-1
197 Pages
$29.50 paper original


Five experts in different periods of English literature have produced original surveys of how business has been portrayed by novelists from the 18th through the 20th centuries. Topics include: 18th Century Attitudes Towards Business. Early 19th Century: Birmingham. High Victorian Periods ('The Worship of Mammon'). Early 20th Century: Uniformity, Drudgery & Economics. Mid-late 20th Century: 'An Unprecedented Moral Quagmire.' Professor Pollard summarizes the view of the novelists as the belief that 'making money is a dirty game.'

Literature; Business
IEA Readings, No. 53

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