Right to Work
The Loss of our First Freedom

Edited by Ken Coates
December 1995
ISBN: 0-85124-577-3
115 pages, illustrated[cover]
$72.50 hardcover

A whole generation has been born, completed its schooling, and entered an increasingly hostile labor market, without ever knowing any relief from mass unemployment. It becomes difficult to recall that, following the turmoil of the Second World War, once the European economies re-established themselves, there began an age of almost full employment that endured for nearly three decades.

By contrast, in the 1990s, unemployment rages at crisis levels all over Europe. About twenty million people are recorded officially as looking for jobs, with seven million people counted amongst the long-term unemployed as without work for a year or more. The alarming trends are very clearly demonstrated by this book.

The loss of our first freedom. The missing million. Measuring employment in Britain. Young workers in the deregulated economy. Crime and unemployment. Employment in Europe. Opening up the drawer marked 'forget.'

Elf Books, No. 9

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