Based on Papers Read at the Symposium
on Ritualistics Held at Abo, Finland,
on the July 31 - August 2, 2002

Edited By Tore Ahlback
December 2003
Donner Institute for Research in Religious & Cultural History
ISBN: 952-12-1157-1
259 pages, 6" x 9 "
$79.50 Paper Original


Contents include: "Yori-kizome, Genbuku and Taking the Tonsure. Rites of Passage among the Bushi in Feudal Japan," "Sacrifice as Action and Actions as Sacrifices. The Role of Breath in the Internationalization of Sacrificial Action in the Vedic Brahmanas," "Christian Rock Concerts as a Meeting between Religion and Popular Culture," "Witch Accusations, Rapes and Burnings in South Africa," "Ritualistics. An Overview of Research from a Religio-psychological Perspective."

"The Sacred Geography of Kapila. The Kapilasrama of Sidhpur," "Religious Ritual Contested. Anti-religious Activities and Women's Ritual Practice in Rural Soviet Karelia," "On-line Rituals: A New Field of Research. Neo-pagan and Muslim Cyber Rituals, "Protestant Pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Preparations for the Kingdom of God in Apocalyptic Rhetoric Strategy," "The Rites in the Mysteries of Dionysus. The Birth of the Drama," "The Rhetoric of Ritual," "Rituals between Religion and Politics. The Case of VHP's 2001-2002 Ayodhya-campaign, " "A Rebirth for the Pharaoh. Reflections on the Classification of the New Kingdom Divine Birth Cycle as a Ritual. "

"Conjuring Up Spirits of the Past." Identifications in Public Ritual of Living Persons with Persons from the Past," "The Question of Ritual. A Cognitive Approach," "Ritual Orders and Ritologiques. A Terminological Quest for Some Neglected Fields of Study," "Ritual Works and Practices. A Case Study from a Muslim Community in Cambodia."

Religion; Anthropology
Lund Studies in Economic History, No 28

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