Russian Reports
Studies in Post-Communist Transformation of Media & Journalism

Edited by Jan Ekecrantz & Kerstin Olofsson
December 2000
Södertörns högskola / Almqvist & Wiksell International
ISBN: 91-89315-03-0
276 pages
$62.50 paper original


Russian Reports presents a set of studies on the state of journalism in post-communist Russia. Contents: Preface. Introduction: post-communism and global culture. The cultural debate on abolishing censorship. The alternative press in St. Petersburg, 1987-1991.

Changing journalism in a changing society: the case of the Karelian Republic. Social portrait and identity of today's journalist: St. Petersburg, a case study. Control over the media in post-Soviet Russia. The old meets the new: news agencies in post-Soviet Russia. Selective bibliography. About the authors.

History; Journalism
Södertörn Academic Studies, No. 2

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