Relevance of Theology
Nathan Soderblom & the Development of an Academic Discipline

Edited By Carl Reinhold Brakenhielm & Gunhild Winqvist Hollman
December 2002
Uppsala University
ISBN: 91-554-5498-4
200 pages, Illustrated, 6 1/2" x 9 1/2"
$49.50 Paper Original

What does an increasing demand for social relevance imply for the field of religious studies? In the search for an answer to this question, one possible point of departure is to make reference to history. Nathan Soderblom, Professor at Uppsala University in 1901, Archbishop of the Church of Sweden in 1914, convenor of the ecumenical meeting in Stockholm in 1925 and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1930, is clearly an example to celebrate. His life and work was relevant not only for academic theology but also for other scholars throughout the university, as well as for the churches and the wider community. To honor Soderblom's heritage, the Faculty of Theology at Uppsala University convened the conference to be held 100 years after his inauguration as Professor of Theology. This volume contains all lectures and addresses delivered during the conference.

Uppsala Studies in Faiths and Ideologies No. 11

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