Remaking the Working Class?
An Examination of the Shop Stewards' Experiences

By Bruce Spencer
ISBN: 0851245080
129 p.
$42.50 Cloth

Despite a decade of Mrs. Thatcher's rule, and the savage attacks on trade unions leading to serious defeats for the Labor movement, new generations of active trade unionists continue to learn their experience at work, from the informal education offered daily by the elders amongst them and, sometimes, from sympathetic teachers of trade union education courses.

Bruce Spencer is one such tutor in Yorkshire. Through a series of careful case studies in diverse working situations he portrays the complexity of trade union experience; the gains that have been made, as well as the lessons of defeat. He is thus enabled to point the way towards effective trade unionism rooted in the workplace, but oriented towards wider political aspirations and with a genuine industrial democracy as an indispensable goal.

Political Science

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