Reproducing Languages, Translating Bodies

Approaches to Speech, Translation & Cultural Identity in Early European Sound Film

By Anna Sofia Rossholm
November 2006
Stockholm University
ISBN: 9185445509
214 pages. 6 1/2 x 9 1/2"
$69.50 Paper original

This study offers historical and theoretical approaches to film versions, speech/voice and translation in early French, German and Swedish sound film. Media translation and speech are discussed in terms of "universal language" vs. "linguistic diversity", "media transposition" vs. "language translation", and "speech as words" vs. "speech as body".

The reading of versions and translation as an issue beyond specific language involving the "transposition" of media inscription and the "doubling" of bodies, also reframes speech as an ethnic and cultural signifier in a European context.

Stockholm Cinema Studies No. 4
Cinema Studies
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