Rethinking Disability
The Emergence of New Definitions, Concepts & Communities

Edited by Patrick Devlieger, et al.
September 2003
ISBN: 90-441-1394-1
210 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$45.00 Paper Original

This book provides an interdisciplinary approach to the challenges of the interface between disability & culture. Twelve papers discuss the following topics: Towards a cultural model of disability. Disability Values, Representations & Realities. Labeling in the Name of Equality: Political & Social Realities in the Schooling of Disabled Students. Understanding Disabilities-the Emergence of Our Understanding of Sameness. Can Disability Be Thought of in Terms of Difference? The Disability Studies Paradigm. Examining the Fit Between Deafness & Disability. Winks, Blinks, Squints & Twitches-Looking for Disability & Culture Through My Son's Left Eye. The Common Agenda of Aging & Disabilities-Stalemate or Progress. From "Idiot" to "Person with Mental Retardation"-Defining Difference in an Effort to Dissolve It. Virtual Support Groups-An Ethnographic Interpretation. Patrick Devlieger is Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois' Department of Disability, as well as Associate Professor at the Department of Social & Cultural Anthropology, University of Leuven (Belgium).

Social Welfare

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