Review of the Eustrophinae of America North of Mexico
Coleoptera, Tetratomidae
ZooKeys No. 188

By Darren A. Pollock
August 2012
ISBN: 9789546426338
153 pages, Illustrated
$97.50 Paper original

Based on examination of more than 6,600 adult specimens, this work treats the Nearctic fauna of Eustrophinae (Tetratomidae), a relatively obscure, but potentially ecologically significant, group of beetles associated with wood-rotting fungi in most forest ecosystems. Five genera and 12 species are recognized: Pseudoholostrophus (Pseudoholostrophus) impressicollis (LeConte), P. (Holostrophinus) discolor (Horn), Holostrophus bifasciatus (Say), Eustrophus tomentosus Say, Eustrophopsis confinis (LeConte), E. bicolor (Fabricius), E. brunneimarginatus (Dury), E. indistinctus (LeConte), E. arizonensis (Horn), E. ornatus (Van Dyke), and Synstrophus repandus (Horn). A new species, Eustrophopsis crowdyi is described from southern Arizona. An identification key, supplemented with color photographs of the body (dorsal and lateral), frontal view of head, prosternal process and other structural features, is presented. Distribution maps of known geographical ranges in Canada and the United States (and Mexico for three southern species) are included, supplemented by detailed locality data. In addition to the taxonomic analyses, preliminary comments are made on the biogeography of the Nearctic Eustrophinae, as well as their natural history and ecological importance in forest habitats.

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