Right to a Home

Edited By David Griffiths
ISBN: 0-85124-399-1
194 p.
$42.50 Cloth

Right to a Home offers a radical blueprint for Labour's future housing policies. Written by socialists active in the Labour Housing Group, it argues that the Labour Party must effectively challenge the Tories appalling record on housing by advancing an imaginative alternative vision.

Starting from the principle of the right to a home for all members of the community, the Labour Housing Group spells out a fresh approach to a collection of tangled problems: funding for council and owner occupied housing; discrimination against women; housing and race; private landlords; design and standards and housing renewal. Encouragement for housing co-ops and the roles for housing associations come under the spotlight. There are also concise and reliable briefings on reforming housing finance and investment.

Right to a Home will be of interest to all those seeking more choice in housing, the opportunity for greater control over their own homes, and a housing policy that is just and fair.


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