Selected Statistical Methods

By Jan Amos Visek
December 2003
Charles University in Prague, The Karolinum Press
ISBN: 8024607263
171 pages, 8 " x 11 "
$95.00 Paper Original

The probability and the (mathematics) statistics play an important and still un-substitutable role among other theories intended for modeling the uncertainty. It can be noticed that (the most presumably all of) attempts to build up alternative theories for describing the uncertainty have still only Gnostic (or, if you want, academic) character, bringing typically an alternative standpoint for viewing the uncertainty in the various situations.

And of course sometimes they offer very interesting standpoint for academic discussions. On the other hand, a typical approach of such theories does not take into account that their methods should, with increasing amount of information, hit the true underlying model.

Contents include: Repetition of some basic notions, Bayesian Statistics, Tests of Good Fit, Contingency Tables, Sampling From Finite Populations, Appendix A.

Statistics, Math

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