Seventeenth-Century Orange-Nassau Library
The Catalogue compiled by Anthonie Smets in 1686,
the 1749 Auction Catalogue and other contemporary sources

Edited by A.D. Renting & J.T.C. Renting-Kuijpers
March 1993
HES & DE GRAAF Publishers
ISBN: 906194287X
856 Pages, Illustrated
$287.50 Hardcover

The 'Seventeenth-Century Orange-Nassau Library' gives a full account of its complex history, traces the vicissitudes of every book and provides fifteenth indexes and concordances, together with a very extensive bibliography. [...] It is an excellent example of the intelligent use of computers in cataloguing antiquarian collections, besides being a valuable contribution to the cultural history of the House of Orange-Nassau" (T.A. Birrell in The Times Literary Supplement, 30 spet. 1994). The catalogue is preceded by "[...] an excellent historical survey of origins and turbulent history of collections" (J.W. Smit, Columbia University, in Libraries & Culture, 31, 1996).chosen for their relevance to the subject and range from early bastion traces to emblematic portraits.


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