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Shaping the Democratic Order
The institutionalisation of parliament in Poland

Edited by Anna van der Meer Krok-Paszkowska
December 2000
ISBN: 90-5350-973-9
336 pages
$52.00 paper original

Ten years have passed since the 1989 power-sharing agreement between the communist authorities and the representatives from Solidarity led to a new democratic order in Poland. Throughout this period political elites have been bargaining on the institutional set-up: choosing the form of government, designing electoral laws, creating political parties and establishing parliamentary practice and procedures. On the basis of interviews with Polish parliamentary deputies from the second freely elected Sejm (1993-1997), this book provides a detailed, empirical analysis of how the democratic order is being shaped. It is a baseline study of the various concepts of democracy in Poland, and the choices made by political elites at a crucial stage of building a stable and consolidated democracy.