Slicing the Earth
A Layer-Stripping Method Employing
a Causality-based Imaging Condition

By Hedi Poot
September 2004
Delft University Press
ISBN: 9040724903
131 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$59.50 Paper Original


During the last decades many different seismic inversion algorithms have been developed. Since the problem to be solved is non-linear and does not have a unique solution, every method makes use of its own approximations and assumptions. As a step towards a new approach to the inversion of seismic data we have designed and partly implemented a layer-stripping method applicable to laterally varying media that does not require a priori model information and determines the velocity properties of the subsurface directly from the input data.

Contents include: Introduction, Theory, The One-Dimensional Case, Evaluation of the One-Dimensional Case, The Lack of the Lowest Frequencies in Seismic Data, Some Applications of the Layer-stripping method, Conclusions.


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