Spectrum of Chinese Culture
All About Chinese Heritage, Marriage,
Parentage… And Other Fascinating Knowledge

By Lee Siow Mong
January 2006
Reprint of the 1986 Edition
Pelanduk Publications
ISBN: 9679780805
278 pages, Illustrated, 8 ½” x 11 ¼”
$67.50 Hardcover

This book gives ample clues to the Chinese mind. It traces the roots of Chinese outlook, clarifies reasons behind rituals, offers for close inspection the value of ‘face’, the need for the arts and helps give understanding to the Chinese conduct of business. For many millions of overseas Chinese, whose forefathers came and settled in an adopted land, Chinese culture or tradition remains merely a “practice,” a mode of life or behavior. They have little or no understanding of what these traditions mean or how they came about.

In this book, the author records for the benefit of present and future generations a wide spectrum of traditional Chinese cultural practices and beliefs, emphasizing throughout how and why they developed, and how these have evolved over time. This is truly a record of the author’s knowledge of a lifetime. He has lived and grown up under the shadow of Chinese Culture. China developed an unbroken culture for thousands of years and, although many elements of Chinese culture today were not found in ancient times, and many elements of ancient times are not found today, Chinese culture is the better and richer for it.

A culture will be poor and backward if it is rigid and unwilling to absorb the good and practical from other cultures. Chinese culture is rich and enduring precisely because of its practical wisdom and absorbing power. This book should prove to be of great interest to Chinese searching for ways to maintain their cultural roots in the contemporary world. For others who want to understand Chinese culture, it takes them through from the days of yore when Chinese culture was molded to contemporary practices and beliefs.

Chinese Culture in Retrospect.
Confucius. Taoism. Buddhism. Humanism.
Country & Family:
Traditional society. Individualism. Social mind. Secret socities. Trade guilds. Clan.
Events in Life:
Birth. Marriage. Rites. Death.
Cultural Fulfillment:
Home management. Women’s and Men’s guidelines. Calligraphy. Painting. Writings. Medicine.
Mortal Life:
Purpose of worship. Chinese mythology. Polytheism.
The Calendar & Festivals.
Almanac. New Year. Feasts.
Joy of Life:
House. Bamboo. The Dragon. Food. Art of Eating. Drinking. Tea.
The Arts:
Decorative Art. Art of Taoism, Buddhism. Trees & Flowers. Music. Pottery. Jade. Etc.
Proverbial Philosophy:
Conduct of Life. Sayings. Business Methods. Social Etiquette. Life Strategy.


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