Spiders of Tuva, South Siberia

By Yu.M. Marusik, D.V. Logunov & S. Koponen
December 2000
ISBN: 5-7442-1224-8
252 pages, illustrated
$68.00 paper original



This book comprises an annotated check list of the Tuvan spiders, including 614 species from 23 families. Detailed information about identification sources and distribution, both inside and outside Tuva, is given for each species. Ranges of most species are shown on maps. Biogeographical analysis (spatial & geographical distribution, species richness and species similarity with several Holarctic faunas) of the Tuvan spider fauna is performed. The taxonomic status of some species is discussed and some new synonymies are proposed. Destined for zoologists, mainly entomologists and arachnologists, as well as for biogeographists.

Arachnology; Entomology
Monumenta Slavico-Byzantina et Mediaevalia Europensia, Vol. XV

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