Sri Lanka
Serendipity under Siege

By Patricia Hyndman
December 1988
ISBN: 0-85124-467-X[bookcover]
146 pages
$49.50 hardcover

What was the root of the communal violence in Sri Lanka? The country was riven by ethnic conflict between the majority Sinhalese, who are mainly Buddhist, and the minority Tamils, who are mainly Hindu. From 1983 to 1987 the situation deteriorated alarmingly.

This important book, based on reports prepared for the Association of Lawyers for Asia and the Pacific, examines the violence which increasingly affects unarmed citizens. It also considers the serious erosions of democracy and the rule of law in a country where both were formerly prized. In an epilogue, the significance of the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord, signed in response to the surge of violence in 1987, is considered.

Politics; History

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