Studies on the Ecology & Conservation
of Butterflies in Europe
Volume 2: Species Ecology along a European Gradient:
Maculinea Butterflies as a Model

Edited by Josef Settele, et al
December 2005
ISBN: 9546422568
305 pages, Illustrated, 6 ¾” x 9 ½”
$142.50 Hardcover

Volume 1: General Concepts & Case Studies

The book contains extended abstracts on a wide variety of issues concerning the ecology and conservation of Large Blue butterflies of the genus Maculinea. It mainly consists of results of the EU funded research project MacMan. They have been presented at a conference held in Leipzig, 5-9th of December 2005.

Sections covered are: Maculinea as indicators; Functional and trophic relations in Maculinea systems; Population genetics, chemistry and physiology of Maculinea and Myrmica ants; Conservation and management for Maculinea. Keynote speakers at the Maculinea part of the conference are: Jeremy Thomas (UK), David Nash & Jacobus Boomsma (Denmark), Konrad Fiedler (Austria), Piotr Nowicki (Poland) and Thomas Hovestadt (Germany).


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