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Successful Mergers & Acquisitions with Benelux Companies

Lode Wullaerts
December 2000
ISBN: 90-441-1143-4
287 pages, illustrated
$84.00 hardcover

At a time when mergers and acquisitions are reaching a historically high level, Benelux companies are particularly active. Large acquisitions are being undertaken by Benelux companies-major takeovers of Benelux companies are being realized. The author has agreed to offer his experience to others who desire to be successful in this area. The reader will find this book to be full of concrete examples, profiles of key persons, and answers to most of the questions relevant to his business. Anybody who is active in this geographical zone (which represents between 5 and 10% of Europe's major cross-border deals) can take advantage of this real 'ABC to M&A.'

Includes over 100 examples.

International Business; Investment