Swedish West Coast
Through the Artist’s Eye

By Nils-Olof Olsson
December 2004
Fargtrappan AAA
ISBN: 9163157985
256 pages, Illustrated, 12” x 10”
$132.50 Hardcover

The Swedish west coast stretches from the Hallandsasen ridge to Svinesund, always with the sea laying to its west. Its inhabitants make their earliest appearance in history as the Hallin, the Fevirs and the Ragnaricii, so listed by the Gothic priest Jornanus in his chronicle Of the Goth’s Origins and Deeds dated 550 AD. After the Scandinavian kingdoms had come into existence during the Middle Ages it became the cockpit for their power struggles during the 17th and 18th centuries on account of its strategic, commercial and political location.

Its nature harsh and exposed, the common people had an endless struggle getting their daily bread whether out in the countryside, at sea or in the towns. Today a well-to-do part of Sweden with a throbbing city life, busy trades and strong industries, it’s an information society whose coasts and unique landscapes are attracting tourists and holiday-makers. This is the West Coast where ideas and people meet and trade by land and sea traditionally links the Scandinavian countries and unites them with Europe and lands further on beyond the seas.


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