Systematic Bibliography of Saltatorial
Orthopterafrom Linnaean Times to the
End of the 20th Century (About 1750 to 2000)
[Includes CD-ROM]

By S. Ingrisch & F. Willemse
June 2004
Pensoft Publishers
ISBN: 9546422061
480 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$225.00 Hardcover

Until now bibliographies of Orthoptera Saltatoria (grasshoppers and crickets) have been widely dispersed in the literature, usually dealing with a small group of these insects, referring to a particular geographical area or to a particular author or referring to discrete periods. Also references quoted in systematic and other catalogues are usually strongly abbreviated, lacking full titles, full sources of publication or other important data. The present book provides the first comprehensive reference list embracing the world-wide literature on the systematics and taxonomy of saltatorial Orthoptera from the period of Linnaeus to about the year 2000.

The bibliography comprises approximately 14,000 titles that are presented as a printed book, and as an electronic version on CD. Both versions contain the same references, but differ in presentation and method of use. The book lists the titles alphabetically and chronologically arranged as author, year of publication, full title, abbreviated source of publication, volume number and page numbers. The CD version is a fully accessible reference database based on FileMakerR Runtime, and provides the same sources as the printed version but with full names of journals and authors and with frequent inclusion of other pertinent data. The database allows the user to find, sort, and export/import the references, or a sub-set, on a variety of predefined criteria and formats.

Also, the CD version allows the user to introduce their own personal notes, data, and information to existing items in several searchable fields (e.g. keywords or library codes). The addition of corrigenda and addenda are easily included, and the CD version also is particularly useful in facilitating the updating of the bibliography through the addition of new references in a user-friendly and convenient fashion. The book and its accompanying CD provide a highly desirable taxonomic and systematic acquisition for zoological libraries, specialists and students involved in orthopteran insects.

Faunistica No. 37

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