Sampling of Particulate Materials
New Theoretical Approach

By Bastiaan Geelhoed
November 2004
Delft University Press
ISBN: 9040725179
208 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$77.50 Paper Original

This is a Ph.D. thesis. There are many chemical, physical or biological properties of solid materials that are of crucial importance for economic, agricultural, environmental or health-related reasons.

These properties are often estimated using chemical, physical or biological tests on one or more laboratory samples. During the drawing of the bulk sample from which the laboratory sample is extracted, sampling errors can occur. These sampling errors are caused by the sampling of non-identical particles.

Contents include: Introduction, Review of current sampling theories, Size-based multinomial selections: a model for sampling, Size-based sampling theory, Estimation of the variance of the sample concentration, Evaluation of bias, Experimental evaluation of the theory developed, Minimum sample mass, Final remarks.

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