School Choice, Equity &
Social Exclusion in Europe

Edited by John Sayer & Johan L. Vanderhoeven
December 2000
Garant / DSDE-Consortium
ISBN: 90-5350-888-0
95 pages
$33.00 paper

What are the combined effects on social exclusion and integration across Europe across three perceived EU policy directions: quasi-market choice of school, rights by convention, and positive action for equal opportunities? Are there Europe-wide policy developments which could achieve a balance among them in the cause of social inclusion?

What could be done to protect the right of all to equal opportunity? Is it possible to reconcile parental choice of schooling with equal opportunity for children, or that extension of equal opportunity: redressing disadvantage?

Contents include: Editor's preface. Matching concerns and contexts: A joint European study in the making. New divisions and elites in Polish schools. School choice, equity and social exclusion in England and Wales. Basic rights as a tool for understanding social exclusion. Conclusions. References. Notes on contributors.


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