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Shop Stewards' Guide to the Use of Company Information

By Michael Gold, Hugo Levie, et al.
December 1979
ISBN: 0-85124-237-5 (paper)
ISBN: 0-85124-236-7 (hardcover)
118 pages, Illustrated
5 " x 8 " (paper)
5 " x 8 " (hardcover)
$14.95 paperback
$27.50 hardcover

Through recent legislation and other means, trade unionists are winning the right to receive much more information from their employers than ever before. As they develop the ability to bargain in new areas the most effective use of these rights becomes vital for workers' representatives. But what information do trade unionists need in what circumstances and in what detail? How can they make the most of the information they get? What are the obstacles to the use of company information posed by the structure of the company and the union organization itself, and how might they be overcome? The approach to these key questions by members of the Ruskin Trade Union Research Unit through the use of detailed case studies in different industries around diverse bargaining issues is both illuminating and challenging.

Industrial Relations
Practical Guide to Industrial Relations, No. 5