Should Pharmeceutical
Prices Be Regulated?

The Strengths & Weaknesses of the British
Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme

By Philip Brown et al.
Oct. 1997
Institute of Economic Affairs
ISBN: 0-255-36430-X
132 p.
$32.50 Paper Original

The period of the Thatcher and Major governments in Great Britain is typically perceived as as period of deregulation and for many observers it comes as a shock to learn that one of the country's most successful high-tech industries, pharmaceuticals, is being regulated as if it were a public utility. The purpose of this publication is not to argue a particular case but to present a range of views about the Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme (PPRS) which will be of interest not only to health care professionals but also to those interested in the effects of regulation on industry.

Health & Welfare
Series: Choice in Welfare

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