Soy & Health 2000
Clinical Evidence, Dietetic Applications

Edited By Koen Descheemaeker & Ignace Debruyne
January 2001
ISBN: 90-441-1127-2
197 pages, illustrated
$46.50 paper original


The interest in the health effects of soy foods and soybean constituents has increased tremendously over the past years. This interest is seen in the exponential increase in the number of scientific paper published in this area. Soy foods are no longer seen as merely good sources of high quality protein but rather as functional foods that may be useful in preventing and treating chronic diseases.

This book contains the proceedings of the international conference on soy and health held in Brussels, Belgium, in October 2000. The texts of the keynote lectures, presentations and poster abstracts offer a complete review of the clinical research relating soy to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, hypertension, and hormonal effects. The remaining texts focus on applications and transfer of clinical findings to daily practice.


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