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State Responsibility & International Liability
of States For Lawful Acts

A Discussion of Principles

By Göran Lysén
June 1997
Iustus Förlag
ISBN: 91-7678-363-4
220 Pages
$67.50 Hardcover

International responsibility of states is a central issue in public international law, and it involves a number of difficulties. To a considerable extent these stem from circumstances relating to the international society itself and the nature of public international law, as well as problems involved in constructing the system of responsibility as such. The underlying assumption of the present study is that international responsibility is a function of the legal subject in its "social" environment, i.e. the position of the state in the international society in relation to both facts and law. This environment determines the form and content of international responsibility. An attempt is made to reach the fundamental issues involved in international responsibility as well as international liability.

Series: Skrifter Frĺn Juridiska Fakulteten I Uppsala 59