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Status of Multilateral Export Control Regimes
An Examination of Legal and Non-legal Agreements
in International Co-operation

By Christer Ahlström
September, 2000 (Iustus Förlag)
ISBN: 91-7678-411-8
536 pages
$125.00 Cloth

The author studies politically binding international agreements and asks whether or not international law supports a valid option between legally binding and non-legal agreements. How should one distinguish a legally binding agreement from a non-legal one? What are the material differences? The author's theoretical discussions are applied to five multilateral export control regimes-the Zangger Committee; The Nuclear Suppliers Group; the Australia Group; the Missile Technology Supplies group; and the Wassenaar Arrangement. The author works in the disarmament and arms control section of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

International law; international commerce;
Series: Skrifter Från Juridiska Fakulteten I Uppsala 73