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Strindberg and Fiction

Edited by G. Rossholm, B. Ståhle Sjönell, and B. Westin
December 2001
Almqvist and Wiskell International
ISBN: 91-22-01933-2
286 pages, illustrated
$58.50 paper original

August Strindberg's attitudes toward fact and fiction are complicated and variable. As a naturalistic writer he repudiates 'the literature of construction.' During his whole career he frequently transforms history into literature, into prose narrative, into drama. At the same time, Strindberg's ambition to create fiction is so evident that some scholars have analyzed the life pictured in his autobiographical works as fictional role-play. In his late writings, the relationship between fact and fiction is made more complex by the view of life expressed in these works; i.e., that the reality which we experience is nothing but appearance and illusion. This book, edited by three Strindberg scholars at Stockholm University, contains twenty-four essays presented at the XIVth International Strindberg Conference 'Strindberg and Fiction' in Stockholm, 1999.

Literature; Literary Theory