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Studies in Jewish Manuscripts

Edited By Joseph Dan and Klaus Herrmann
Aug. 1999
J.C.B. Mohr
ISBN: 3-16-147044-3
276 p.
$165.00 Cloth

A compilation. Includes: Rabbi Judah the Pious of Regensburg’s The Book of Divine Glory, The Reception of Hekhalot-Literature in Yohanan Alemanno’s Autograph MS Paris 849; Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi’s Kitzur Likkutei Amarim; The God of the Philosophers versus the God of the Kabbalists. A Controversy in 15th Century Crete; The Manuscript/s of Morteira’s Sermons; Maimonides’ Mishnah Torah; Un autographe de Gersonide; Signor Tranquillo’s Magic Notebook.

Series: Texts and Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Judaism

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