Studies in Logic
A Dialogue Between the East & the West

Edited by M.N. Mitra, et al.
ISBN: 9788190995030
November 2012
Sanctum Books by Munshiram
Distributed by Coronet Books
253 pages
$49.50 Hardcover

Ten essays of this book, two of which are written in Sanskrit, range from modern logic to classical Indian theories of inference. Classical Indian philosophy comprising Pracina and Navya- Nyaya, Sankhya, Buddhist and Jaina logical and philosophical standpoints are discussed in most modern technical terms of western philosophy, often with the aid of terminologies of modern logic. Similarly, western ideas propounded by the ancient Greek philosophers like Aristotle as well as contemporary philosophers such as Frege, Russell, Srawson, Kripke and many others are placed against the backdrop of classical Indian philosophy. The book will be immensely useful to those interested in stimulating meaningful dialogues between philosophical thinkings of India and the West. The book will also be of interest to those who aim at broadening the horizon of logic and philosophy. 

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