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Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Buellia Species with Pluriseptate Spores
Lecanorales, Ascomycotina

By Anders Nordin
December 2000
Uppsala University Press
ISBN: 91-554-4915-8
117 pages, illustrated
$38.50 paper original

This Ph.D. dissertation is primarily focused on the Buellia species with pluriseptate spores, often referred to the section or genus Diplotomma, and secondarily on the Physciaceae. An ultrastructural study at family level gives new information on spore characters. Variations in the composition and structure of the spore wall layers and septa are described. Altogether 35 species with pluriseptate spores are treated, including ten new to science. Historical outlines are presented, and information on life strategy, morphology, chemistry, ecology and distribution are given. Several names are typified and many synonyms listed. References are given to all species referred to Diplotomma in literature.

Symbolae Botanicae Upsalienses, No. 33:1