Ten Pearls From the
Crown of Bulgaria

By Nickolay Ovcharov
May 2004
Bulgarian Bestseller National Museum
of Bulgarian Books & Polygraphy
ISBN: 9549308197
62 pages, Illustrated, 8" x 10 "
$52.50 Hardcover

Contents include: Christmas Thoughts in Vienna, "The Great Divine Tsarevgrad Turnov," The Severe Cherven and the Rock Monasteries in Ivanovo Village, The Caryatids in the Sveshtari Tomb, The Old Glory of the Bulgarian Empire - The Capitals of Pliska and Veliki Preslav, Nessebur - The Byzantine Gem, The Tombs of Ancient Thracians in Southern Bulgaria, Starossel - The Buried Temple, Perperikon - Dionysus' Oracle, Georgians on the Balkans - The Bachkovo Monastery, The Boyana Master.

Reference; Geography

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