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Texts & Events
Cultural Narratives of Britain & the United States

By Alastair Henry & Catharine Walker Bergstrom
September 2001
ISBN: 91-44-01030-3
456 pages, Illustrated, 6 1/8" x 8 3/4"
$89.50 Paper Original


Texts and Events is divided into two sections; one for Britain, and one for the United States. The chapters regarding Britain are: the First Millennium, the Middle-Ages: the Age of Chivalry, the Renaissance and the Emergence of the Nation State, Civil War and Revolution, Reason and Rationality, the Industrial Revolution and Romanticism, Victorian Britain, the Modern Age: Uncertainty, War and Depression, the Second World War, the Welfare State and Post-Industrial Society, a "United" Kingdom?, and the British Empire and Colonialism. The chapters regarding the United States include: the First Americans, a New Nationalism and its Search for Identity, Differing Dreams of America, Industrialization and American Realism, the Progressive Era and Modernism, Interpreting the Dream, Remembering Nightmares and Living the Dream.