Thinking Smart
You Are How You Think: Applying the Theory
of Constraints in Developing Thinking Skills

By Khaw Choon Ean
September 2005
Pelanduk Publications
ISBN: 9679789187
144 pages
$21.00 Paper Original

This book introduces thinking as a lifelong skill which can be applied to the daily relevance of everyone's lives. Reading it is a journey of discovery to understand the concepts and skills of the Theory of Constraints for Education. You are taught how to think smart-not just what to think-in a logical systematic way.

Everyone is capable of learning how to think with responsibility in this rapidly changing world. Among the lifelong skills taught step-by-step in this book are: Learning how to define problems in a fair way, Solving problems towards making responsible decisions and taking action, Understanding what is learnt and not just memorizing, Communicating your thoughts clearly and logically, Making constructive criticism of ideas, Thinking through consequences on how actions and ideas can affect oneself and others, Planning strategically and systematically.

The Theory of Constraints began as a business management philosophy but is now applied to the context of education, teaching, learning and behavior development using TOC Thinking Tools called the Cloud, the Branch and the Ambitious Target Tree. Presented in an easy-to-understand fictional scenario especially for children, teachers, parents or anyone interested in Thinking Skills, this book develops many ideas to stimulate logical communication by teaching everyone how to think. KHAW CHOON EAN is a trainer in education and sports as well as in exploring innovative ways to teach and learn lifelong skills. She believes in making things simple and exploring the most logical way to learn.

Critical Thinking / Self Help

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