Through Bosnian Eyes
The Political Memoirs of a Bosnian Serb

By Mirko Pejanovic
Translated By Marina Bowder
January 2002
TKD Sahinpasic
ISBN: 9958-41-058-3
238 pages, 6" x 9 "
$115.00 Paper Original

Contents include: On the eve of political pluralism, Ante Markovic's Failure, The election coalitions, The triumph of the national parties, The civic parliament - protest against the war, Secret mission to Krajisnik, The presidential platform and its destiny, The Bosnian army and its first commander, Seefer Halilovic, Kecmanovic goes to Belgrade, Herceg-Bosna - a new political fact, The fate of Serbs in the cities, Haris Silajdzic resigns, The Geneva Peace talks, The Vance Owen Peace Plan, The Own-Stoltenberg plan for a union of three republics, The SGV: Its foundation, principles, and activities, Wartime visits to Moscow and Belgrade, Joint action for Dayton by the SGV and the HNV, The Dayton Peace Agreement, The Serb national question in Bosnia, Constitutional Change.

History; Politics

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