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The Tiger Beetles of Africa, Volume 2
(Coleoptera: Cicindelidae)

By Karl Werner
December 2000
Taita Publishers
ISBN: 80-902734-1-6
208 pages, illustrated
$285.00 hardcover

A richly illustrated catalogue of the African tiger beetles. A color photograph is included for every species, and, for some, photos of habitats and larvae are also presented. In addition, several portraits of entomologists and explorers are given, as well as pictures of several persons to whom African tiger beetles have been dedicated. This second and final volume of a two volume set is devoted to the species in the subtribe Cicindelina W. HORN, which are distributed among twenty-six genera. Contents include: Introduction. How to use this book. Habitat. The African continent. List of species. Morphology of a tiger beetle. Treatment of species. Corresponding literature. Index.