Twenty Years On

Edited by Ken Coates
December 1995
ISBN: 0-85124-583-8[cover]
113 pages, illustrated
$19.95 paper original

In 1991, the massacre of Timorese by Indonesian forces at Santa Cruz cemetery in Dili was followed by a series of investigative articles in Western newspapers, features on television, films, and political agitations. The European Parliament became very much concerned, and it was agreed to establish a hearing, under the auspices of the Sub-committee on Human Rights, of which Ken Coates was chairman. This booklet features a number of the reports which were made.

It provides an authoritative picture of the situation in Timor, which unfortunately continues to give grounds for serious concerns, at the time of this writing nearing the twentieth anniversary of the Indonesian invasion. All the evidence is completed by an update from the Campaign Against the Arms Trade, which documents the continuing supply of military equipment by the British Government to the Indonesian armed forces.

Politics; History
Spokesman, No. 62

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