Tom Mann's Social
& Economic Writings

A pre-Syndicalist selection

Edited by John Laurent
December 1988
ISBN: 0-85124-468-8 (paper);
ISBN: 0-85124-458-0 (hardcover)[bookcover]
148 pages
$22.50 paper; $47.50 hardcover

Tom Mann is widely recognized as a leading pioneer of socialism in Britain and one of the most important personalities of the period which saw the emergence of Labour as the political alternative to Conservatism. His writings, however, are less well-known and what has been published to date serves only to indicate the range rather than the continuity of his thought.

This book provides a careful selection of Mann's writings which show his intellectual development from his early association with the emergent socialist movement in the mid-1880s, though 'new' unionism and political Labourism, to the Syndicalism for which he is best known outside of his role in the Dockers' strike. Laurent's introduction gives an account of Tom Mann's life and political involvements.

The writings included are: The 8-Hour Day, Preachers and Churches, The Socialists' Programme, Socialism, The War of the Classes, and The Way to Win.

Economics; Sociology

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