Total Immersion
A Mikvah Anthology
2nd edition

Edited By Rivkah Slonim
March 2006
Urim Publications
ISBN: 9657108683
320 pages, 6 ½” x 9 ½”
$18.95 Paper

In this best-selling collection of fifty essays and stories about the mikvah (the Jewish ritual bath), women and men contribute their thoughts on this ancient Jewish tradition.

About the Editor
Rivkah Slonim is the education director at the Chabad House Jewish Student Center in Binghamton, New York, and a nationally known teacher, lecturer, and activist. She travels widely, addressing the intersection of traditional Jewish observance and contemporary life, with a special focus on Jewish women in Jewish law and life. During the last two decades she has lectured throughout the United States and abroad, counseled individuals, and served as a consultant to educators and outreach professionals on the subject of Mikvah and the observance of Taharat Hamishpachah, Family Purity. She and her husband are the parents of nine children.

Religion; Judaism

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