Transition of Self-Management Socialism
into Parliamentary Dictatorship & Economical
Protectorate [In English & Bosnian]

By Stiepo Andrijic
October 2000
ISBN: 9958-9672-1-9
170 pages, Illustrated, 5 " x 8 "
$85.00 Hardcover

The countries leaving socialist political, social and economic system have to carry out transition and build a completely new integral system at the same time. They all have a set of identical parameters. However, each has its special characteristics as well, which make them different in terms of theoretical organization and execution of transition. Consequently each of them needed a special, specific model of and legislation for transition. This is especially true of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The war, the newly created situation, "social ownership," the time delay, the specific conditions, the inner vertical and horizontal complexity of the country - all these had no antecedents in other countries. This called for quite a new, original solution. That is why the developed model and regulation of the proprietary establishment of social property should have been quite different and specific of the "transition" of ownership in the Federation. Any departure from the model and any violation of the law, any purging of the built-in peculiarities, would create pre-conditions and causes of future conflicts. The following articles, published earlier and now bound together in this book, illustrate that only too vividly.

Biblioteka Ekonomika, No. 2

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